Curated in collaboration with Zoe Lukov

For the latest iteration in the Elevate series, artist Beatriz Monteavaro has created the site-specific installation Return to Tomorrow, a lo-fi, slow motion, rocket ship to outer space inside the Casa Faena’s elevator. This new work references ‘Return to Tomorrow’, an episode of Star Trek from the original series where the minds of Dr. Spock and Captain Kirk are overtaken by alien forces.

Approximating ‘Mission to Mars’ and ‘Space Mountain’, both rides from Walt Disney World which simulate space travel, the glowing illuminated interior of the cab is at once a testament to the analog and a fantasy of the future. Monteavaro’s dreamly rocket ride includes portholes that look out onto hand-drawn glow-in-the dark stars and forgotten satellites. The public basks in a black-light time warp that transports them back to a possible utopian future