El Internacional. Calendar

Faena Art - Buenos Aires

An artistic-culinary project and social experiment conceived by Catalan artist Miralda and restauranteur Montse Guillén.

Reinventing art through food and food through art, this site-specific and immersive reimagination of the iconic restaurant, El Internacional (1984-1986)– New York's "archaeological sandwhich" opens for the first time at Faena Art Center Buenos Aires.

Grand Opening

El Internacional opens its doors in the Sala Molinos offering the public an immersive experience in collaboration with Chefs Paul Qui, Marina Carluccio and Emiliano Yulita, and bartender Ramiro Ferreri. The menu includes tapas and flavors from the Spanish diaspora of the colonies.

Exhibition and Tapas Bar & Restaurant El Internacional

Foodies are invited to enjoy the tapas menu designed by Chefs Paul Qui, Marina Carluccio and Emiliano Yulita along with a Blue Margarita, El International signature cocktail, re-imagined by bartender Ramiro Ferreri.

A Celebration of Twins

A recreation of the evening of February 14, 1986 in New York City where Miralda and Montse summoned more than 60 pairs of twins to celebrate Valentine's Day at El Internacional dressed and styled as they liked, but as identical as possible. In this spirit, we ask all guests to attend in pairs and dress as identically as possible, twins and non-twins alike.

Special Dinner: Face to Face Vol. 3 in collaboration with Chef Paul Qui

El Internacional was a space for creative alchemy, social events and performances. On Valentine's Day 1986, the iconic restaurant & var held a dinner dedicated to twins with a menu of dishes that looked the same and tasted different. For this edition at Faena Art Center Buenos Aires, attendees are invited to come in pairs and wear the same identical dress and hairstyle to recreate that evening.

Book Launch of El Internacional (1984-1986) and conversation with Miralda, Montse Guillén and Florencio Noceti.

Celebrating the El Internacional book launch! The newly published work reviews the history of El Internacional Tapas Bar & Restaurant, its recipes, menus and most iconic events, as well as the urban history of a city in continuos evolution, and how this social and artistic experiment left its mark in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York. 

Bombo y Platillo. Performance by La Locura de Boedo

La Locura de Boedo, created in 2000, is an iconic murgh of the Boedo neighborhood. On this occasion, with the iconic turquoise, red and white colors, they will collaborate with Miralda to intervene El Internacional with their music and dances, transcending frontiers of all kinds and contributing to this ritual celebration of art and food. Free admission.