Miami Beach - Miami

2020 Visionfeast

Faena Festival Supper Series

Wednesday 4th, 8:00 PM
Special Ritual: Threshold, Saturday 7th, 4:00 PM

Lunafridge explore the cultural landscape of The Last Supper through performative work driven by astrological insights and narrative gastronomy. A series of unconventional food experiences throughout Faena festival promote social cohesion and discordance, ritualizing overlooked modes of eating and intensifying ways of being together.

The aim is to question what makes us feel alive, what are we made of, where do we come from, what are our choices.

Every part of every dish has a cultural justification, to encourage an awareness of the body as a set of tangible ingredients. Here, every performative action has a celestial interaction to explore the mind as a set of intangible components.


Lunafridge are a formatless collective who build unusual synergies between the land and the sky. They merge art, technology, astrology and gastronomy into narrative, performative and transformative experiences. Their holistic practice confronts industrial automation with locally foraged chaos, global homogeneity with cultural specificity, embodied habits with spiritual alertness to make the ethereal concrete. To make eating, doing.

Lunafridge are Madeleine Botet de Lacaze and James Michael Kinlet Davis.

Madeleine is an artist and astrologer, founder of Astrology for Artists, working at the intersection of performance art, queer theory and astrological insight to address the question of what makes us feel alive.

James is a cook and cultural technologist, exploring modern and forgotten ways to build gastronomic narratives around hyper-contextual food, using ritual processes to shape our self-awareness.