Myrlande Constant

Faena Hotel - Miami

Rasanbleman soupe tout eskòt yo

Site-Specific Installation. Two new commissions and six existing works. Sequins, beads, and silk on cotton Dimensions variable.

On view throughout the week

For The Last Supper, Constant has been commissioned to create her largest flag to date, which will be hung in the Cathedral of the Faena Hotel and will accompanied by a series of pre-existing flags. The flag is both a contemporary painting and sacred object to which one might leave a ceremonial offering or dedicate a prayer. The commission will be installed alongside a series of the artist’s pre-existing flags in the entrance of the Faena Hotel, fostering a spiritual response.


Pioneering a new style of vodou flag, Myrlande Constant creates ornate and densely-beaded works that are often much larger and more intricate than traditional flags, overflowing with symbols and images​ that create mythical visual narratives. Voudou flags are historically known for their ceremonial function but Myrlande’s flags transcend into the realm of contemporary painting.

Myrlande Constant was born in 1968. She lives and works in Haiti.