Yael Bartana

Miami Beach - Miami

Single channel video, sound, 22 min

Open Air Cinema on FAENA BEACH
Screening time: MONDAY 2ND, 8:00 PM; TUESDAY 3RD, 6:00 PM, THURSDAY 5TH, 6:00 PM, SUNDAY 8TH, 6:00 PM

For The Last Supper, Yael Bartana's film Inferno (2013) explores the construction of the third Temple of Solomon (Templo de Salmão) in São Paulo by a Brazilian Neo-Pentecostal Church. Built to biblical specifications, this new temple is a replica of the first temple in Jerusalem, the violent destruction of which signaled the diaspora of the Jewish people in the 6th century BCE. Inferno confronts this conflation of place, history, and belief, providing insight into the complex realities of Latin America that have given rise to the temple project.


Yael Bartana an Israeli artist who works in film, installation, and photography, often exploring the imagery of identity and the politics of memory, particularly as pertains to the national consciousness of her native country. Between 2006 and 2011, she has been working in Poland, creating the trilogy And Europe Will Be Stunned, a project on the history of Polish-Jewish relations and its influence on the contemporary Polish identity. The trilogy represented Poland in the 54th International Art Exhibition in Venice (2011).

Yael Bartana was born in 1970 in Tel Aviv, Israel. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.