Zhang Huan

Miami Beach - Miami

Miami Buddha

Incense ash, aluminum

Unmasking Ceremony – Monday 2nd 7:00 PM
On view throughout the week

For The Last Supper, Zhang will present Miami Buddha. The work will feature two Buddhas sitting face to face—one an aluminum mold, the other made of incense ash imbued with the prayers of untold worshippers, collected from temples around China. During its installation on the beach, the ash Buddha will be exposed to the elements and may crumble and disintegrate - a meditation on the impermanence of life, the cyclicality of destruction and renewal, and the reincarnation of death and rebirth.


Zhang Huan is a Chinese painter, photographer, sculptor, performance artist, and opera director. Perhaps best known for time-intensive performances that test his own physical and mental endurance, Zhang Huan regularly explores the figure and symbolism of the Buddha. He often uses materials such as incense ash to investigate this subject, while simultaneously depicting his cultural history and his conflicted feelings towards it.

Zhang Huan was born in 1965. He lives and works in between Shangai and New York.