Cornelius Tulloch

Bougainvillea: An Exploration of Adornment




Bougainvillea: An Exploration of Adornment



July 15th - October 29th, 2022


Bougainvillea: An Exploration of Adornment is a site-specific installation by Cornelius Tulloch that explores Caribbean cultural aesthetics. The fashion and music of Jamaica’s Dancehall scene echoes the state of the country and the lived experiences of those on the island. In this exhibition Tulloch reimagines the everydayness of contemporary Caribbean culture through the lens of dancehall, Jamaican Junkanoo, and masquerade. This new photographic series plays with Black visual aesthetics and creates an environment that overflows from the photographs into the design elements constructed specifically for the Faena Art Project Room. 

Fashion has always been a regarded form of expression throughout Jamaica, and this series invites the viewer into the artist’s unique relationship with culture to rethink how to tell their own stories and reflect a contemporary lifestyle in the clothing and adornment they wear.


Cornelius Tulloch thanks his collaborators Diana Eusebio and Nadia Wolff for their work on this exhibition.  




Cornelius Tulloch is a Miami-based interdisciplinary artist and designer. With work transcending the barriers of photography, fine art, and architecture, Cornelius focuses on how creative mediums can be combined to tell powerful stories.Whether it is through photography or painting, cinematic moments and spatial complexity are depicted in his work. Lighting and color become characters in the art. His unique storytelling through his work has been shown in fairs and museums like the Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.; Pulse Art Fair, Miami, FL; and the Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo, Rome, Italy.


From being recognized as 2016 Presidential Scholar in the Arts to having his work added to the permanent collection of the Studio Museum in Harlem, much of his success has come from the important discussions his work has created; which often are inspired by his cultural background. Being raised in Miami and gaining inspiration from his Jamaican and African American heritage, his work expresses how bodies exist between cultures, borders, and characteristics, to create spatial impact. Cornelius is an emerging talent that is reshaping the boundaries of art and space.







The artworks in the exhibition are available for sale. 

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