ángeles veloces arcanos fugaces

Aerial of a dj station on a platform covered in murals
Faena Art - Buenos Aires

Curator: Ximena Caminos
Music by: Dj Lady Bunny

Marking the occasion of the Faena Hotel’s 10-year anniversary, Faena Art Center commissiond the artistic collective assume vivid astro focus -a.k.a. avaf- to create a site-specific installation for revelry, participation and the celebration of community—the embodiment of the institution’s values and its cultural manifesto. ángeles veloces arcanos fugaces took the form of a neo-disco roller rink—an all-embracing fantasia of music, movement, light and explosive color that commemorated the utopian ideals of the disco era. Drawing on diverse imagery – such as stills from films like Xanadu with Olivia Newton-John to photos from The Roxy in New York City – the installation explored disco as a pervasive cultural export that has affected artistic practice and influenced pop culture across the hemisphere from North to South. Roller skates were on tap, with visitors encouraged to bring their own, and the disco featured live tunes from our sound illustrator, Lady Bunny. assume vivid astro focus consists of Brazilian artist Eli Sudbrack and French artist Christophe Hamaide Pierson - a duo that often morphs into a collective. The Faena Art Center was honored to present what was the avaf’s debut exhibition in Argentina.