Fyodor's Performance Carousel

A wooden carousel split into sections with individuals performing in each section
Faena Art - Buenos Aires

Curator: Ximena Caminos, Marcello Pisu

Faena Art Center presented Fyodor’s Performance Carousel, a performance installation consisting of a carousel divided into nine parts. The rotating structure was designed by Fyodor Andreevich-Pavlov and the architect Marko Brajovic.

“Performance is a rather small sector of contemporary art,” admits Fyodor. “And yet, a group exhibition in this genre, built on the principle of the actual presence of the artists, will always be artistic, energetic and even formalist.” - Fyodor

Nine performance artists, including Fyodor himself, performed in their designated space all day for seven days. Periodically, the carousel stopped for the public to step inside and participate in the action. Fyodor’s Carousel was animated by a centripetal acceleration and ran off the audience’s pedal-power; it rotated on its own axis and the force driving it signalled the human intimacy at its heart. Pavlov-Andreevich’s work explores themes of intimacy, privacy, control and subversion and serves as a grand political metaphor for a forgotten revolution.