Into the Great Dying: Waters we share


Into the Great Dying: Waters We Share

Beatriz Chachamovits


April 22nd - June 25th, 2022



Into the Great Dying: Waters We Share is an immersive, site-specific installation by environmental artist Beatriz Chachamovits that addresses climate change, coral bleaching, and plastic pollution. The artist invites viewers to explore the ocean’s floor as they walk through the space and discover detailed elements found in her work that allude to our social impact on the planet.


The title makes reference to a term used by scientists to describe Earth’s largest-ever mass extinction that occurred over 250 million years ago—a term now being used to warn about the Anthropocene and what’s ahead. Miami, in particular, is a city very much affected by sea level rise, coral depletion, and ocean pollution; tackling these topics and creating awareness through engaging artwork is a response to this reality. Through her work, Chachamovits encourages the audience to reflect on the fact that how they walk the Earth impacts reef ecosystems, and that in the end, we are all connected.


In collaboration with Chachamovits, artist Brett Olivieri has created a soundscape that adds to the experiential environment.



Beatriz Chachamovits is an environmental artist and educator from São Paulo, Brazil living and working in Miami, Florida. Her work renders tangible the decline of the coral reef ecosystems, and the role played by humans in it. Her intention is to share the majestic beauty of at-risk marine ecologies as well as the appalling rate of their destruction. She works with monochromatic ceramic sculptures and drawings to highlight the unique shape, form and texture that exists in the underwater world. She is the author and illustrator of the highly prized book The little handbook of marine fishes and other aquatic marvels, published by Companhia das Letrinhas in São Paulo, Brazil in 2018.


Selected solo shows include: White Sea at Galeria Tato in São Paulo, Brazil (2017), The Oceans Within at Coral Contemporary Gallery in Miami, Florida (2020), and Can you sea change? at Soho Beach House in Miami, Florida (2021). Selected group shows include: Coral Expedition: 1865 - 2018, National Museum of Rio de Janeiro (2018), Transitional Nature, The Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum (2020), and C[h]oral Stories and Collective Actions, Art and Cultural Center of Hollywood (2022). Chachamovits’ work has recently been featured in Vogue Magazine’s Earth and Us section and in the National Geographic Education platform, part of an AAAS grant to teach fifth graders about women in marine science. She has received a prize from The Village of Pinecrest grant for artists, and is currently a resident artist at The Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood, Miami.


Brett Olivieri is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and musician. He works with various mediums and materials that cater to the necessity of each project. From furniture and household goods, to illustration and sound design he explores the idea that all objects and things have a spirit; giving life to inanimate objects. His concept is based on the Japanese religion of Shintoism. He believes that how we view and experience the objects around us is very important to understanding how we consume on a larger scale and can also help us understand the necessary harmony of human’s relationship with nature. His most recent project, Studio Pal is a whimsical platform and outlet for his creative endeavours. 


The artworks in the exhibition are available for sale. 

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