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In order to ensure uniformity among the Faena Prize entries and the quality of the submitted images, applicants should submit the Project PDF and Portfolio PDF as indicated below.

The two files (1 Proposal / 2 Portfolio) must each be submitted in a PDF format (A4 horizontal). There is no limit to the quantity of pages for each. The two PDFs must be uploaded for the online entry form to be completed. Maximum file size 15MB. Any images uploaded should be a maximum of 6000px x 4000px.


  • A one-page written description of the Project and its conceptual development (A4 Horizontal).
  • A maximum of twelve sketches, plans, renders, photographs or digital images that give an accurate idea of the final image of the work within the Faena Beach space. Any images uploaded should be a maximum of 6000px x 4000px.
  • Description of the materials and techniques to be used during production.
  • Up to five links to videos or documentation of works related to the Project.
  • Estimated production schedule and budget.


In order to assess the relationship between the Project entry and the Artist’s previous work, applications must submit a portfolio with:

  • A maximum of fifteen images that provide an overview of the Artist’s career. Any images uploaded should be a maximum of 6000px x 4000px.
  • A curriculum vitae (of the individual artist or the collective/group of artists who will participate in the Project).