Terms & Conditions

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THE FAENA PRIZE FOR THE ARTS 2018 (the “Faena Prize”) is reserved for new projects that reflect on the concepts of duration and time which also contemplates the physical space of Faena Art Center Buenos Aires (the “Project”).

By participating, all applicants to the Faena Prize for the Arts Open Call lawfully accept each and every provision of the terms and conditions below (the “Terms and Conditions”).



Artists from different fields and/or disciplines are invited to present projects: installations, performances, paintings, sculptures, photographs, works that include design and architecture, film or video pieces, etc.

All individuals over the age of 18 are eligible to apply. Entries will be accepted from emerging, mid-to-late career and established artists, regardless of national origin or citizenship.

Individuals and art collectives may apply. Individual artists who are members of a collective may also present their own individual entry. The Faena Prize competition is limited to one entry per artist or collective.

Employees, officers, directors, and agents of FAENA ART, as well as its affiliate companies and subsidiaries, are not eligible. Previous winners and present jurors are not eligible.



Applicants can send their entries to the www.faenaart.org website starting on November 1st, 2017 through to February 15th, 2018 (until 12am EST).

Individuals or Collective applicants must complete the registration form providing personal information such as First Name; Last Name, ID or passport number; Email and Phone Number. Collective applicants should designate one of the members to perform as the representative.

In order to ensure uniformity among the Faena Prize entries and the quality of the submitted images, applicants should submit the Project PDF and Portfolio PDF as indicated below.

Floorplans and technical information about the Faena Art Center Buenos Aires space will be available at www.faenaart.org/faenaprize.

All information must be submitted in English.  


1 Proposal

  • A one-page written description of the Project and its conceptual development (size A4).
  • A maximum of twelve sketches, plans, renders, photographs or digital images that give an accurate idea of the final image of the work within the Faena Art Center space.
  • Description of the materials and techniques to be used during production.
  • Up to five links to videos or documentation of works related to the Project.
  • Estimated production schedule and budget.


2 Portfolio

In order to assess the relationship between the Project entry and the Artist’s previous work, applicants must submit a portfolio with:

  • A maximum of fifteen images that provide an overview of the Artist’s career.
  • A curriculum vitae (of the individual artist or the collective/group of artists who will participate in the Project).

The two files (1 Proposal / 2 Portfolio) must each be submitted in a PDF format (A4 horizontal). There is no limit to the quantity of pages for each. The two PDFs must be uploaded to the www.faenaart.org website for the online entry form to be completed. Maximum size both files 25MB.

To be eligible, entries must comply with the requirements as stated herein. Submissions will be reviewed at any time to ensure compliance with Faena Prize competition rules. Any entry not accompanied by the information requested shall be ineligible and the jury shall not consider it.



The entry form will be available on the www.faenaart.org website from November 1st, 2017 through to February 15th, 2018.

Entries will be accepted until 12am EST on February 15th, 2018.

Winners will be selected and announced in March 2018, as described in the section “Jury and Selection of Winners” below. The winners will be announced on the www.faenaart.org website.

The Faena Prize for the Arts exhibition will take place at Faena Art Center Buenos Aires in 2019 (month to be determined in consultation with the Artist) (the “exhibition”).



Coordinated by FAENA ART Artistic Director and Chair Ximena Caminos, the Faena Prize for the Arts jury members include Carlos Basualdo (Chair Faena Circle and Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art); Andrea Bellini (Director, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève); Pablo León de la Barra (Curator, Latin America, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and curator of the 2016 Faena Prize winner Roger Hiorns); Anita Dube (Artist and Curator of Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2018) and Franklin Sirmans (Director, Pérez Art Museum Miami).

The 2018 Faena Prize edition involves a fourteen-person nominating committee that includes museum directors, curators and art critics from all parts of the globe who will help expand the scope and reach of the open call entries. Nominated submissions and open call applications will all the reviewed together. The jury will not be informed of the committee’s nominations until the winners have been selected. The list with the names of the nominating committee members is available at www.faenaart.org.

The jury will meet in March to select a winner and two special mentions. During its deliberation, the jury may contact the finalists by phone if deemed necessary.

The jury (selected by FAENA ART at its sole discretion) will review the submitted eligible applications and select finalists based on the artistic quality of the proposal, its feasibility and its contribution to contemporary art. The jury’s decision shall be final.



The selected winners will be notified at the e-mail address and phone number listed on the entry form. FAENA ART will send an acceptance letter via express or electronic mail to the prize and special mentions which must be signed and returned to FAENA ART within seven business days of the date of the acceptance letter for the award to be considered official.

All finalists and/or the selected winners are subject to eligibility verification. To be verified as eligible to receive a prize, each finalist and/or the selected winner must continue to comply with all the Terms and Conditions, fulfill all requirements, and not be disqualified for any reason.



The winner of the Faena Prize shall receive US $25,000 and a maximum budget of US $50,000 to produce the exhibition. The two special mention recipients shall receive an honorarium of US $1,000 each. All taxes and withholdings that may apply to the Faena Prize and other prizes are the sole responsibility of the winners and will be deducted from the prize totals.



The winning Artist shall be responsible for producing the winning work under the supervision of a curator appointed by FAENA ART and the Faena Art Center Buenos Aires production team (the “Work”). The winning proposal must be produced in Faena Art Center Buenos Aires unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing. The cost of the transportation of any part of the Work that is not produced in Faena Art Center Buenos Aires and must be covered with the amount destined for production. As part of the mission of contributing to the exchange between national and international artists, FAENA ART considers the relevance of producing the Work in Argentina.

The US $50,000 budget for the creation of the Work for the exhibition will be managed by the FAENA ART production team based on the needs of the winning proposal. This US $50,000 budget must also include the cost of airline tickets and accommodations.

FAENA ART will provide technical supervision of the Project in order to ensure the safety of related materials and persons. The winning artist is required to collaborate and cooperate with FAENA ART. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the sole party responsible for the safety of the Project is the Artist. FAENA ART reserves the right to hold the Artist responsible for any damage the work causes to the Faena Art Center(s) facilities or to the people who attend the exhibition.

FAENA ART will carry an insurance policy covering fire, robbery or damage to the Work. FAENA ART will also carry liability insurance for any damages that the Work may cause.

The artist agrees to hold FAENA ART harmless for any damages or claims arising from the Work. The artist is the sole party responsible for any such damage or claim.



The winning Artist agrees to permanently transfer to FAENA ART all rights to print, audio and audiovisual reproduction of the Work for the press, promotion and educational activities. The Artist shall retain the intellectual property and any trademarks associated with the Work. FAENA ART must always be named as the Project’s producer and commissioner.



A catalogue will be released in conjunction with the exhibition of the winning project at Faena Art Center Buenos Aires. The catalogue may be in digital or paper format.



FAENA ART shall be responsible for the press and marketing plan in conjunction with the Artist, the Project and the exhibition. The Artist must be available at the request of FAENA ART for interviews and press conferences.



Sala Molinos of Faena Art Center Buenos Aires will be set up for personal visits of the artists submitting entries on November 20th, December 18th of 2017 and January 15th and February 5th of 2018.

Potential applicants should write to [email protected] to request the visit. Visit confirmation from Faena Art Center Buenos Aires is required