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Curated in collaboration with Florencio Noceti

Each of the Soledades is a simple proposition: a solo performance by an accomplished practitioner of music, philosophy, poetry, science…there is no preset limit to the series. But there are some rules:

1. Soledades are singular and ideally unrepeatable.

2. Young, albeit accomplished and well-known, representatives of each field are given preference.

3. Over the season, no one discipline should become prevalent (either quantitatively or qualitatively) over the others.

4. Groundbreaking, singular, and particularly original presentations are also preferred.

About Florencio Noceti
Florencio Noceti is an Argentinian philosopher. He holds the chair in Epistemology at the University of Buenos Aires. Since 2006, he is a founding collaborator of the publishing collective Caja Negra Editora, specialized in vanguard philosophy and social theory. Outside the academy, he has published and lectured extensively in collaboration with visual and conceptual artists for the likes of Hatje Cantz and Intellect, the Venice Biennial and Palais de Tokyo.